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 Hi There!  I'm Leslie and that is my husband, Curt...  According to a lot of quilters, he's the best thing since sliced bread!  More on that later...   :)

 A little about us...   We got married right out of high school 24 years ago this past October. We have 2 grown kids, Hunter 20 and LaRisha 23.


 My grandmother (RIP Gma Magers) taught me to sew when I was a kid....  She wasn't a quilter, but she was good at every other kind of sewing out there!  I used to get in trouble for stealing gadgets and notions out of her sewing box  :)  Guess I've always had a hankering for gadgets!

 My quilting life started when I was pregnant for our first baby 22 years ago. I was in JoAnn Fabrics and happened across a free flyer to make a small bowtie quilt...  PERFECT!   Why not... Looks easy enough!   So, fabric, thread, and batting later, I started cutting out quilt pieces...  I hand pieced and hand quilted that little quilt... took me a good while, but I was hooked!!!  I slowly started buying fabric and, yes, gadgets...  No, I didn't steal them!  haha  :)   I took my mom's old sewing machine, because we all know she had no idea how to use it, and started piecing quilt tops together...  I, like everyone else, ended up with way more quilt tops than quilts...   Mom and dad bought me a Hinterberg hand quilting frame.. .the build-it-yourself kind...   Nice frame... too bad I have NO patience to hand quilt!  That phase lasted for about a year....  I got maybe 1/5 of a twin-sized quilt done and then it got stuck away in a bin in the closet never to be seen again for 20 years....

I wanted a machine on a frame but wasn't willing to spend even $4000 on a machine when I didn't know for sure that this was for me....  THEN, I happened across a Juki for sale on a Yahoo quilting group....  Curt told me to take the income tax money and buy me that machine, which, lucky for me, had a Quilter's Cruise Control included in the price...  NICE!!!    We found directions for making our own frame on the internet (Richard's Homemade Quilt Frame)...   excellent directions and great frame if anyone is interested!!!

So now I have a Juki with a QCC and a homemade frame...  Life is good...  THEN I discovered ruler work...  OMG I have to try that, but what to do cause I don't have a ruler foot...   Hmmmm  Ooo!!   I found a ruler foot that fits on a Juki!!  I'll buy that and do ruler work...   Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.... and looking back now, it's a good thing I DID buy that foot!!!   Foot came in the mail...  a little difficult to get on and off, but I'll deal with that...   Start sewing.....  skipped stitches... Hmmm   Foot must be up too high.. I'll lower it...   Start sewing again... no skipped stitches!!  Great!!  Wait a minute.. I just messed up my straight line because of that big seam!  Dumb foot won't go over that seam!   Hrumph!!  Raise it back up a little...   Start sewing.. goes over the seams better...   Make almost a whole pass across this lap quilt...  Go back and look!!  SERIOUSLY??!!  Are you KIDDING ME??  Skipped stitches everywhere... and I do mean EVERYWHERE!!  Some as long as 2-3 inches!!  GAHHH!!!   Uh oh....  here comes the tears...  I don't handle stress well..  Here comes Curt...   "What the heck is the matter with you?"   Me.. blubbering..  "Stupid foot...  bumping seams... skipped stitches... have to frog it all out!!"  Literally, that's how the evening went...   So, Curt, being said machinist, doesn't want to listen to me, so he takes my extra Juki hopping foot up to the garage for about an hour or so...   Me, well, I'm still in tears and yelling a few bad things as I'm frogging that whole stinkin row of quilting...

Then a brightness comes over me as Curt walks in with the best foot EVER!!!   OMG.. it's a ruler foot AND it hops!!  Are you freakin KIDDING me??  AHHH  It's PERFECT!!!    (Hence the "best thing since sliced bread" statement above  :)  Now, I'm loving life and quilting my heart out...   I get on the Juki Yahoo group...  "OMG guys!  Look what Curt made for me!!!"   And THAT my dears is what started this saga...    Now I just tell him that it's a good thing I was crying and throwing a temper tantrum that night...  :)   About 20+ ruler feet orders later, we find that it works on the Voyager machine...  That's when all H*ll broke loose...   Now, we can't keep hopping feet in stock...  Curt is working every night when he comes home from work to keep up with the orders...  Oh lordy...  they work on the Brother, Pfaff Grandquilter, and Viking Megaquilters too...  More orders...   Then,  "Curt, we need extension tables to help us do our ruler work with your ruler foot"   HAHAHA   Guess what that lead to...  :)

 So, I quilted on my Juki system for about 5 years. I did a good many quilts on that machine and frame, but the throat space got to be a hinderance... I wanted to do more but the space wouldn't allow for that...   Last year, 2010, we went to our first ever quilt show in Lancaster, PA...  OMG!!!  I was in awe!  I was in shock!!!  Even Curt was impressed!!!  Of course, I went straight for all the longarms... I wanted to put my hands on as many as possible!!  I HAD to have one....   Curt, being the machinist, started studying the frames....    "I can make that" he says...   "Ohhh... and I can make that too!"   Great... have at it!!  :)   We met up with Steve Dekker with his Voyagers...Steve realizes who we are when we tell him that we've been making a ruler foot that fits on the Voyager... "Oh yes... I know who you are now!!"   He shows us the Voyagers...   OH boy.. I just found my dream machine and it's in my price range...   Well, according to ME it was in my price range... Curt, not so much! "Where are you gonna get $3500???"  Well, from you of course my dear!  :)  HA! Not!! 

A couple months later we go to the quilt show (now my 2nd show ever!  Yipee!) in Columbus, OH...  Meet up with Steve again...   I "test drive" the Voyager again...  Now I'm really salivating... I have to have this machine...  "But Curt!  Look at how much SPACE I'd have"  "But Curt...  blah blah blah"   About 3 months later...  I have a small personal loan and have purchased my first Voyager and Hinty Stretch frame..   YAY!!!   Stipulation!!!   Curt says fine, but you have to start quilting for people to pay for the machine...   OH yea... Not a problem!  :)

So now that I have my machine, my frame, my new studio (old living room), a terrific ruler foot, extension table, and micro handles (WOOT!!), I got my business license and started my business.... :)  Right now, the main part of the business is keeping up with the feet, table, and micro handle orders...., but I do still have time to quilt and have a couple new customers who are spreading good words about my quilting  :)

And there you have it... My Quilting Life on a webpage!  :)   Guess you realized by now that I'm windy  :)

Enjoy all the pictures!!  If you have any questions, just give us a call or drop us an email...

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