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Longarm Quilting


I have been quilting for 20+ years. I began machine quilting on a frame about 5 years ago with a Juki TL-98Q on a homemade frame. Last year, I upgraded to a Hinterberg Voyager 17 and a Hinterberg Stretch frame. This machine has a 17" throat and enables me to do much more quilting before I have to roll the quilt. Within a month or so of getting this machine, I started taking in customer quilts and am having a ball getting to know new quilters in the area!!

I do free-motion quilting, pantos, and ruler work, and I now have a computerized system!!! This is another option for quilting your quilt top for those interested. I will be posting photos of the designs available plus pricing soon!!!

My quilting prices start at $0.015 cents per square inch for low-density, all-over, basic edge-to-edge quilting, and go up to $0.03 cents per square inch for heavy-density custom quilting (extra charge for micro stipple or pebbling background fill)....

I now carry Hobbs 80/20 batting (natural color) and Hobbs 100% cotton batting (white). I can also special order wool or polyester battings if needed.

I have extra-wide backing (with more prints to come) in our shop for your convenience.

I have a binder full of pantographs printed out on transparency paper so you can lay the design on top of your quilt to get a feel for what it will look like. There are many to choose from and the prices of these range from $ 0.02 cpi up to $0.025 cpi depending on the denisty and difficulty of the design you choose.

I have a vast array of threads available. I use Coats & Clark Sylko Poly thread, which has a sheen to it, and I also have Signature Poly thread with much less sheen. I have some neutral colors of cotton thread available and can special order in a specific color if needed. Different brands available for special order, Superior Threads, Essential Pro cotton, etc.

The first color of thread and bobbin are included in your price. If you choose to have more than 1 or 2 colors in your quilt or you want specialty threads, i.e. metallics, multicolor etc., there is an extra charge. A lot of the Sylko Poly threads give the illusion of being metallic because of their sheen. See the picture in my gallery of my daughters Fleur-de-lis quilt. That was a normal brown Sylko Poly thread, but on this quilt, it looks metallic copper!!!



How to Figure Out Pricing:

To find the approximate cost of quilting, find the square inches of your quilt top, multiply length x width in inches, and then multiply that number by the price in the chart below...


For example: A 100" x 100" quilt top would be: 100 x 100 = 10,000.

At that size, the least expensive quilting of 0.015 cpi would cost $150.00 (10,000 X 0.015).

The most expensive quilting of 0.03 cpi would be $300.00 (10,000 x 0.03).


Background fills, microstipple, and pebbling are extra.

Batting is extra.

Specialty threads are extra.

Call for more information and an estimate!

(304) 810-4089